Computer Systems Networking

“We build your network in no time, at minimal cost”
-Joseph Mugo, CEO Highlens

LAN(Local Area Network)

PAN(Personal Area Network)

MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

WAN(Wide Area Network)

Interconnecting Your Devices & Equipment to Share Information and Resources

Modern businesses, organizations, and homes have become increasingly dependent upon well-managed and highly availableNetwork network infrastructures. To get this right, your organization has to strategically architect the network to continuously deliver more and more IT services, as well as manage the network in a way that contains costs and ensures its availability.

With our standardized services, you can leverage the advantages that our scale and expertise bring in terms of cost-efficiency, predictability, and repeatability. These services have been optimized to support the key vendors and technologies found in enterprise networks today, however, coverage will expand over time.

Among others, we provide:

  • Network installation and administration
  • Performance optimization appliances (application delivery controllers and WAN optimization controllers)
  • DNS, DHCP, and IP address management appliances
  • Network infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting

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